[IAEP] Don't Miss The Eclipse… on your XO

Caryl Bigenho cbigenho at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 14 21:36:55 EDT 2014

Hi Folks….
Be sure to turn on your XO and open the Moon Activity tonight to see how it does the eclipse. Totality will be at 07:06 UTC (03:06 EDT) tonight (April 14-15). The effect you will see on the XO will disappear after the eclipse so don't turn it off or reload the page when it finishes if you want to show it to someone.
Enjoy, and don't forget to watch the real thing (if you have a clear sky) or online at:http://www.wcpo.com/weather/blood-moon-live-video-stream-watch-total-lunar-eclipse-live-online-from-slooh (North America) http://euronews.com/2014/04/14/watch-april-15th-total-lunar-eclipse-live-online/ (Europe)

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