[IAEP] Does Your Project Need Volunteers?

Caryl Bigenho cbigenho at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 4 19:01:00 EDT 2014

Hi Folks!
Next week I will be the "guest speaker" at the San Gabriel Valley Linux Users Group meeting. My topic is to be Open Source Software in education… including information about how to volunteer with various OLPC projects, large and small. This is where I could use some help. 
If you are involved with any kind of OLPC or Sugar Labs project that can use volunteer help, please let me know! This can be deployments of all sizes and software and/or hardware projects. Include with your information the usual "5Ws and the H" …
Who can volunteer? What would you need/want them to do?When can they do it? … including anytime, specific times, etc?Where can they do it? … including traveling somewhere and simple online projects as wellWhy is this project important and/or why help is needed?How can they get involved and how can they get more information?
It would be nice to include photos, screen shots, etc as well. Special language requirements would be helpful too.
When I get this info I can put together a slide presentation… save it to pdf and make it available to any of you who would like to use it for local recruitment of volunteers. I can also put it into an online document that we can house somewhere… maybe on the OLPC wiki with a link on the Sugar Labs wiki or vice versa.
Thanks! I look forward to hearing from many of you,
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