[IAEP] [Localization] Translation Manual (in Spanish)

Sebastian Silva sebastian at somosazucar.org
Tue Oct 29 08:46:52 EDT 2013

El 25/10/13 07:06, Chris Leonard escribió:
> Due to the unfortunate ability of forum-spamming robots to create and
> activate accounts on Pootle, it was necessary to turn off
> self-registration to protect our precious translations.
> Our current process is to send an e-mail tocjl at sugarlabs.org  with a
> preferred username and an account will be created manually (typically
> within several hours).
> cjl
This is very unfortunate. We should strive for a less centralized approach.
I'm reading that even the old version of pootle supports captchas to 
combat spam bots:

Could we try to enable this? If you want, I volunteer to help with 
pootle backend tasks.
I would need access to the pootle server.

OTOH if you still think the "create account on request" is better, maybe 
we could setup a
mailing list for this purpose, or even an alias?

For granting me access, my public ssh key is:
icarito at spock

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