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Thanks Nick and James! I hope to still hear from others, but John Kim is local here in SoCal so I can get together with him. I was hoping he would be coming to the SF Summit, but I haven't heard from him on that yet.
I'll explore these and all other ideas... but with the help of John so I won't be "re-inventing the wheel."

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Hi Caryl,
True, what you say about fundamental concepts, but the devil's in the details as they say, so the approach you take to porting will be a huge factor in the amount of work required and the quality of the resulting app. Looks like John Kim from Sugar Labs has written a really good overview of the possible methods of porting Sugar to Android which I think you'll enjoy.

My impression from his research is that the most doable and best gradual approach (not porting the whole Sugar stack at once) is to learn an Android Python framework like Kivy. There would be no other language required, only rewriting of interface code. Much easier than learning to make Android apps from scratch in Java, and still easier than PhoneGap, which would still be a complete rewrite.

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Hi Folks...
I am wondering what I would need to learn to be able to program apps for Android? Specifically, to help port Sugar Apps there. I have an excellent programming background in several "old" languages (Fortran, BASIC, and Pascal) and have played around a bit with Python (used it for a Physics MOOC I took this summer) and HTML (know some of the basic syntax and vocabulary). 

It seems that the fundamental concepts of programming transcend language and if one can learn the new vocabulary and syntax rules you should be good to go. Is this a correct assumption? If so, what is the minimum I would need to learn to get started? Can you suggest some resources for this?


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