[IAEP] Android/Sugar Outside The Box?

Caryl Bigenho cbigenho at hotmail.com
Sat Oct 5 23:54:54 EDT 2013


I have been wondering if we could think "outside the box" to solve the problem of getting Sugar to run on Android devices. Here is what I have in mind, a combination of two things…

1) An Android compatible app that gets installed on the device. It presents a Sugar user interface on the screen that can be manipulated by touch to access…

2) A selection of favorite Sugar Activities on an SD card (mini, micro or whatever the device uses). An example of such a collection of Activities could include Write, Paint (or similar), Record, Labyrinth, Memorize, and FotoToon (this would be just a start). It could also include instructions for using each Acitivity alone, and in coordination with the others, along with curriculum ideas for using them for PBL and cooperative learning.

This would be just a start. Other favorites could be added along the way.There would be no formal Journal, but  the Main App could be designed to have an automatic save of the most recent version on the SD card  every 5 min or so.  Other Activities could be added later.

People wanting to use Sugar could download the main App for free (maybe even from the App Store) or from Sugar Labs. A "package" of Activities could be downloaded from Sugar Labs and installed on the SD card. We could have an option of letting them buy a card with the Activities already installed and any "profits" could go to the Sugar Labs treasury.
Maybe doing it this way could be a work-around for some of the compatibility problems you all have been discussing.

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