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Hi José,

José Raeiro <zeraeiro at gmail.com> writes:

> Is there any astronomy tool in the standard software pack that comes
> with OLCP?

Your best starting point is here:

You also have the Telescope activity:

And Alex Kleider demonstrating the telescope device designed by La
  Main à la Pâte (the "Hands On Science" foundation in France):


> I can help on the creation of content or I can work together with
> coders to produce an astronomic software tool.

You can take this PDF and maybe explore possible adaptations,
translations and/or enhancements:


> I would also like to discuss the creation of a $20 telescope in the
> same philosophy of OLPC.

This is exactly what La Main à la Pâte has been trying to do.
The design is here, they are only looking for massive commands
to start the production -- AFAIK discussions are pending, but
not conclusive so far.

Hope this helps!

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