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Hi Folks,
I just received this nice email note from Maria Razo, the teacher in charge at the 3-classroom school at a shelter for battered and abused women and their children in central Los Angeles.  The entire facility  is within a convent and security is a major concern. The children cannot leave without supervision nor can they communicate with the outside world via the internet. Several members of the olpc-SoCal mailing list have been helping with this and Braddock Gaskill, from the San Gabriel Valley LUG, has provided them with one of his Internet-in-a-box servers for the children to field test. 
Because the classes are so small, we were able to combine enough XO-1s  from the OLPC-SoCal lending library and from the CUE-LA library so that each of the 14 students in grades 2-5 has their own computer to use while they remain at the shelter (usually one year to 18 mos).  I am working with María Razo to get a blog up and running where we can report on their successes.
I updated all of the machines to 13.1.0 before they were deployed and all of the teachers and the shelter director are very computer savvy. The director's husband is an IT professional and was very excited to hear that the children would be working with XOs. He passed his enthusiasm to his wife so she is very supportive of the project. Having the administrator on board is a critical element for success in a project like this.
The children are there all year, so they will continue to use the machines during the summer. We will keep you posted and let you know as soon as the blog is ready for "prime time."

Hi all


I apologize for not emailing sooner. Internet in a Box is a hit
with my students… they of course think that they are on the internet! They love
the XO’s and are always eager to work on them. 


Thank you for your time and dedication to our shelter and our
students. I will keep you guys updated, it has been a busy week with us,
finishing up the school year and graduations. 




Maria R




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