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Hi Adam, best regards from Santiago.

The spanish localization of Khan's videos has been an joint effort between
IADB, Intel and the ministries of education of Uruguay and Chile.  Chile's
tasks was to translate the Biology videos, don't know why they are noy
included in Ceibal's portal.  Also the same videos were also ttranslated to
portuguese.  I speak about localization because in many cases the videos
had to be re-mixed, for example, because of different rules in the use of
commas or any text appearing in the video.  I've heard that the use last
year (officially launched in June at
http://virtualeduca.org/encuentros/panama/) has been very striking,
counting the spanish and the portuguese, lessons deliverd touch the 5
million (a Khan delivered lesson is counted when the video has
been enterily watched).  Best wishes,


2013/1/17 Holt <holt at laptop.org>

>  These vids seem high-quality, does anybody know how Ceibal did this?
> (not that I speak Spanish unfortunately!)
> Any idea how many of the world's "465 Million Spanish speakers"
> can-or-care to watch these, as Wifi/Net/4G invades more rural parts of
> Latin America?
> On 1/17/2013 9:54 AM, Christoph Derndorfer wrote:
> Hey everyone,
>  maybe this is old news for people here but I just saw that Plan Ceibal
> has a separate Khan Academy Web site at http://khan.ceibal.edu.uy/ where
> they are apparently hosting 1,100 (!) videos which have been translated to
> Spanish:
>  "Originalmente, los videos –relacionados con distintas disciplinas, como
> Matemática y Ciencias- estaban en inglés, pero ahora Plan Ceibal te los
> trae en español. ¡Hay más de 1.100 videos educativos en tu mismo idioma
> para que veas, practiques y aprendas!"
>  Quite impressive I dare say! :-)
>  Cheers from snowy Austria,
> Christoph
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