[IAEP] Looking for a school to see technology in education in action in Orlando or Miami area

Rita Freudenberg rita at isg.cs.uni-magdeburg.de
Thu Jan 10 11:35:30 EST 2013


on behalf of my colleagues I'm looking for a school they can visit while they are attending FETC conference in Orlando at the end of this month. Here in Magdeburg, Germany, we are working in a project "classroom of the future", dealing with the technological and educational challenges when using laptops in the classroom. They are very much interested to see how these things work in other countries. 
If you know a school they could visit or a person they could talk to, please let me know. They are not only interested to see best practice, but also, what kind of problems arise. Since we are at the beginning of this here in our area, we want to learn what works and what to anticipate.

For plan b, do you think I could just approach schools in the area and ask if they can visit? They are both computer scientists, but their first training was to become teachers. Now they work here at the university in Magdeburg in the teacher training group.

Thank you for your help!


Rita Freudenberg
rita.freudenberg at ovgu.de

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