[IAEP] [support-gang] Questions about the new XO Tablet and Software

Bastien bzg at laptop.org
Wed Jan 9 02:18:41 EST 2013

Hi Scott,

thanks for the update.

"C. Scott Ananian" <cscott at laptop.org> writes:

> The software isn't really "by OLPC", more like "inspired by and
> licensed from OLPC".  That said, it doesn't look half-bad in the
> demos.  I'm cautiously optimistic this might get some good
> educational content in front of another 200,000 or so kids.  Fingers
> crossed...

Is there a way to use the "XO Learning System"?  Giulia, CC'ing you
in case you have some pointers.

Is the software and content released under a free license?

I'm just anticipating questions that we -- OLPC France -- might be 
faced with. 

Thanks for your help!


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