[IAEP] New Guest Chapters in "Make Your Own Sugar Activities!"

James Simmons nicestep at gmail.com
Fri Jan 4 12:50:47 EST 2013

As a result of the Google Code-In we have three new guest chapters and a
new chapter section in MYOSA. You can read them at:


The three Guest Chapters are in the section with that name and the new
section is at the end of MAKING ACTIVITIES USING PYGAME, and is titled *Porting
Activities from Olpcgames to Sugargame.  *Daniel Francis wrote this section.

*We also have a new bio of Aneesh Dogra in the *Ab**out The Authors* chapter

*There is an additional chapter about using WebKit in Activities that is
incomplete, thus unpublished.  I have advised the author what it needs to
have added to be complete.  Lionel Laské has offered to adapt his articles
for OLPC News as a possible second chapter on WebKit.  The articles are


I've been impressed with the work of our GCI guest authors, but since GCI
rewards quantity of tasks completed more than quality (a student can only
work on one task at a time, so if the mentor refuses to mark something
complete when it is *mostly *complete he feels like a bad guy) there is still
some polishing needed on some of this stuff that may not get done until GCI
is over with.  On the whole I think these chapters are worth checking out.

I need to do a lot of revisions to the rest of the book, since so much has
changed since I published it.  New style toolbars are just "toolbars" now,
Hippo Canvas is deprecated, sugar-jhbuild is no more, and supporting Fedora
10 and later versions at the same time isn't a hot topic anymore.  I will
work on updates to the main chapters as time permits.  I'll be publishing
to the web regularly, but the printed and ebook versions will wait until I
think we have something worth publishing.  I'll get a new ISBN number from
Create Space for the printed books and stop selling the old ones.  I'll do
something different for the ebooks so you can get a revised copy without
buying it again, and free downloads for old and new will be on archive.org.

I'm hoping to get more guest chapters, and not just from our younger
developers (of course they will be especially welcome).

James Simmons
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