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Adam Holt holt at laptop.org
Tue Aug 6 00:51:24 EDT 2013

On Tue, Aug 6, 2013 at 12:18 AM, Steve Thomas <sthomas1 at gosargon.com> wrote:

> Bert and Rita did a great job showing Etoys and the XO at Maker Faire in
> Hanover Germany,
> http://squeaklandnews.blogspot.de/
> Did anyone from OLPC sign up for Maker Faire in NYC?
> If so I would be willing to help staff the booth and do some demos.

Indeed!  Nick Doiron (creator of http://olpcMAP.net) & I signed up for a
full lawn/booth/tent and hope to have as many as 10 people working this
amazing+intense wkd with our growing collection of XO-4 + new peripherals
in NYC Sept 20-21 --- keep in touch Steve and please jump in helping all
coordinating locally using http://lists.laptop.org/listinfo/olpc-nyc as the
weeks approach.

PS Etoys will be our showcase Aug 19 if you can hopefully join both
Freudenbergs live from Germany, likely starting 12 Noon NYC Time,
presenting the full story of Etoys' past, present & future for a global
audience @ http://youtube.com/unleashkids =)

Unsung Heroes of OLPC, interviewed live @ http://unleashkids.org !
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