[IAEP] Sugar 0.100 status report - April 22

Daniel Narvaez dwnarvaez at gmail.com
Mon Apr 22 12:51:35 EDT 2013


we have made good progress in the last three weeks. Here are the highlights

1. Manuel submitted several bug fixes, which landed both on master and on
the stable branch. It's great to see the gtk3 work being refined and

2. The web services patches had a first round of reviews. Walter landed a
localization fix that should be helpful to the Australia deployments. Ajay
posted his journal multi-selection patch, it's a big one and we are trying
to figure out how to best split it up for review.

3. I have been working on and off to get our code base ready for automated
code checking and unit testing. The basics are getting in place, as soon
they are solid enough we can start requiring new code to provide and pass
tests. That should really improve quality and ease reviewers work.

4. The experiment with github pull requests continues. Walter already
reported about it. I'll just add that we need people to help out more in
that area, otherwise there is no tool which will solve our issues.

5. The research work on HTML activities is taking off. We had several
discussion about how integrate them in the Sugar shell and how to implement
communication with system services (like the datastore).


Manuel is experimenting with the various javascript frameworks available to
implement UI components


6. We had our HTML activities kick off meeting today. A lot of people
participated, thanks to everyone. The log is available


We decided to base 0.100 work on WebKit2. If time permits we will implement
compatibility with previous releases running WebKit1. Manuel is going to
propose a strategy on UI components implementation. Lionel will make a
proposal for the datastore API. I will look at communication between the
Javascript code and the system. I will also try to take a look to
collaboration API, though if someone else wished to research that it would
be really helpful (anyone??). Chris pointed out that we should be designing
our APIs keeping in mind we will want to port them to Android and other
platforms in the future.

It's important that we start writing HTML activities in parallel with the
framework work. This is an area everyone can help with! Lionel is leading
here and he wrote several already, Walter is also writing one. It would be
good to try to "port" existing ones like Paint too. And it would be awesome
to have nell-colors running inside Sugar.


Daniel Narvaez
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