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Fri Apr 12 21:21:26 EDT 2013

Thanks to everybody who has contributed to the discussion so far, particularly to Sean for his well researched post on Android developments.

The choices as I understand:
0) Do not have an Android transition plan
1) A suite of Activities with a common look and feel but leave things like file management to Android 
2) A suite of Activities which share a common Journal and Neighbourhood
3) Sugar on Ubuntu on Android (or similar)

What prompted me to hijack a thread on multiple instances in html5 is that the discussion is continuing on a technical level: html5, webapps, Chrome but is relatively inaccessable to people like me with minimal coding skills.

What would the user experience be like under these options?

Take the minimalist option, a suite of stand alone activities using the Android desktop. Previously a Sugar Activity (1)Runs on Sugar (2)Is open source (3)Preferably but not necessarily conforms to the Sugar look and feel. Would the Sugar name be licenced to any educational app that conforms to (2)? Would you download it from the Google Store or ASLO?

Should Sugar Activities conform to the existing Android look and feel: a long press for copy and paste, a menu button, power+home = screenshot?

Take the more comprehensive solution incorporating the Journal. Would the Journal run and install as a stand alone app? Would the Journal be built into every Activity? Would the Journal be included with every installer file and install as a separate app the first time you install a Sugar Activity? Would the Journal communicate with the Android file system the same way it does now with Gnome through 'Documents'? What about things like inserting images from file, would the journal object selector also give an Android file selector option?

The issue of the considerable resources required to transition to Android has been raised. Is there any possibility of getting financial support from Google or Samsung etc for the project?

I would like to see all these questions discussed further. I would like the technical implementation discussions to be more contextualised in terms of user experience.

Thanks again for all the contributions to this discussion.


PS. I wrote some html5 code but was disappointed that my Samsung Galaxy S3 browser does not support html5

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