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Fri Apr 12 20:42:13 EDT 2013

+1 (in spirit to fixing challenges with Sugar as a FLOSS community)

On Fri, Apr 12, 2013 at 8:04 PM, Bastien <bzg at laptop.org> wrote:

> Hi Sean,
> I've not closely followed all these discussions, so obviously I'm
> not in the best position to provide good arguments, but here is my
> gut feeling about this.
> I see three challenges: put Sugar in the hands of many kids, build
> a healthy FLOSS community, raise funds.  The latter is just a means
> to other ends, so let's only consider the first two ones.
> I strongly believe Sugar should focus on building a great FLOSS
> community first, before trying to reach as many kids as possible.
> This is not to say that getting more users is orthogonal to better
> working as a community---it isn't.  But the way you get the users is
> by being a great community with a distinct product, not by landing on
> the hardware people have.  I may sound idealistic (if not romantic)
> about this, but I strongly believe it.
> I know (and I read) everyone's effort about this, and I've seen
> some great step in this direction.  Let's build on this!
> Sugar can be the greatest FLOSS community in education.  The day
> it is recognized as such, people will come and contribute with new
> activities, just like Gcompris joined.  Maybe you know the AbulÉdu*
> suite (http://www.abuledu.org/) ... there are many FLOSS educational
> resources there.  But I can't get them switching to Sugar because...
> they use Ubuntu and want apt-get install sugar which is only half
> working.  That's sad.
> Also think of this in terms of marketing: it's easier to market
> the greatest FLOSS community for education, than to market a software
> suite on Android.  In this later case, we are just marketing Android.
> I'm done with the rant.  And of course, I would not feel so strongly
> about this if I was not aware about everyone's effort about Sugar.
> Thanks!
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>  Bastien
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