[IAEP] Sugar future

Bastien bzg at laptop.org
Fri Apr 12 19:36:25 EDT 2013

Bert Freudenberg <bert at freudenbergs.de> writes:

>> That is... divide the work up into doable little projects and conquer the
>> huge task of getting Sugar Activities onto Android and possibly other
>> platforms.
> IMHO the individual activities are *not* what makes Sugar such a compelling
> proposition. Sure, having some of them as apps on other platforms would be
> nice. But isn't collaborating and sharing at the heart of Sugar? The
> Journal as central UI? The effortless discovery of your peers in the
> neighborhood view? Etc? *That* experience would have to be ported to
> another platform first, and then the activities can follow. Otherwise, it's
> just a bunch of random apps, of which there are plenty already in the
> various app stores.

Bit +1.  Android seems a distraction so far.  Let's built on what
Sugar differs: great UI ideas.


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