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O.K. So... now it is time to "divide and conquer!" That is... divide the work up into doable little projects and conquer the huge task of getting Sugar Activities onto Android and possibly other platforms. Someone (at Sugar Labs, logically) just needs to be in charge and coordinate the efforts to minimize duplication and maximize efficiency.  
The rest of us? We are the cheerleaders, recruiters, evangelizers who need to look into every little nook and cranny to find enthusiastic groups and individuals to take on the work.  
As I've said before, my programming stopped years ago with Pascal so I can't be of much use as a developer, but I (and others) can recruit people who can help.  2013 is moving along. This project needs to move along too!

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The initial work seems very encouraging, yet it seems Sugar Labs doesn't currently have the resources to make an Android offer available anytime soon. But: now is the time. I believe fundraising is vital to achieve this goal, at the very least to facilitate face to face Sugar Camps for the community. I have ideas how to go about this, but I agree the community needs to be clear about where we are going. An Android offer would of course be of great interest to OLPC.

To be completely honest, I think a migration to HTML/Android is never going to happen unless someone invests in it *and* the community rallies around that effort.

Even a small team of experienced, full time developers could lay the framework foundations. And then writing enough activities for the framework to be of any interest would take a *lot* of work from the community.

But are there the conditions for that to happen? 

There are also initiatives we could take to multiply the size of the community. In particular, support for the Raspberry Pi (which has topped 1 million units in sales - half of these since September -, is shipped without an OS, and is arriving in junior high and high school computer science classes) could be an ideal "OEM" platform for Sugar.

I also see Raspberry PI as a tempting opportunity. Though I think there is some conflict between trying to extend the reach of the current platform and bootstrapping a new one.

I think it's important for people to understand that porting to Android is not really porting but a full rewrite. We can reuse designs, artwork, ideas and some of the experience we made so far, but no code at all.

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