[IAEP] Sugar 0.100 status report - April 2

Daniel Narvaez dwnarvaez at gmail.com
Tue Apr 2 18:37:08 EDT 2013


I will try to send out regular reports about the progress of the 0.100
release, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly depending on how much is happening.

1. A bit late, but we finally have a schedule for the release.We are not
going to have a feature acceptance deadline this time. We decided to have
that discussion early, to try and narrow the focus of the release.


2. In parallel some developers will keep to refine the 0.98 series. Help is
welcome on that effort. While perhaps not as exciting as new features, bug
fixing and polish is essential to good software.

3. The main goal of the 0.100 release will be to the develop an HTML5 based
toolkit for activities. This will facilitate running Sugar activities on
other platforms, like Android. In addition we are planning to land several
other features which has seen development in the past few months

Multiple selection in the Journal

Enhanced support for 3G modems

Background customization

Multiple home views

Integration with web services

Journal comments box

Icon customization

4. The project has always had a bit of an issue with submitted code being
timely reviewed. The situation got worse in the last few months. This is a
major blocker for contributions and we are trying to improve. Simon and
Manuel, which currently maintains all the Glucose modules alone, are
putting together a list of "reviewers" to help them out with the task. We
are also trying to find review tools which will allow the process to be
both trackable and visible to everyone (and hopefully a bit more pleasant
too!). We have so far mostly experimented with a workflow based on github
pull requests.

5. Walter Bender landed several patches to add a comment box to journal
entries. It will be populated both by the Portfolio activity and by the web
services integration which is being worked on. The obligatory screenshot


6. All in all I think we made great progress planning the next release. But
we will need everyone help to execute and make it a really good one.

Daniel Narvaez
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