[IAEP] [support-gang] What Sensors and Where To Buy?

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Sorry for the intromision..
You can make your own "USB4butia" board and use it to read resistances like inthe audio jack of the XO.Is very inexpensive board. You can make it with a "iron for clothes":
The childrens of an high-school in Uruguay, with the help of a teacher, makes herown board with recycled components.
The most expensive component is the PIC18F45550.. the rest: a clock of 20mhz,some leds, some resistances..
This is a real "free and open" hardware: we think in both words are similiar,but we found a different significance: -an arduino board is OPEN design, you can modify, improve, etc but no is FREE,you cannot make it with your hands (arduino have multi-layers that makes imposiblemake at home)-the USB4butia is OPEN and FREE: you can modify, improve and can be made witha home materials, old printers, old appliances, etc.
I don't know the prices, someone can calculate it with USA prices?

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> > Kevin wrote
> > 
> > > What your explanation makes clear is why people
> > typically pay 3rd parties to develop educational material
> > with pre-tested sample circuits and included parts. The
> > average teacher will not have the expertise to just find a
> > sensor, make a circuit, connect it, use software like
> > measure and explain what the output means. 
> > > 
> > > I assume if a packet was constructed for the basic
> > concepts for Ohms law and the basic understanding of how the
> > sensor fits-into this Electronics equation, then they could
> > present a lesson with a packaged electronics kit with
> > audio-plug w/sensor bits. 
> > 
> > Kevin
> > You make a very good point, a kit of sensors and associated
> > lesson plans would be great. One like the Arduino Starter
> > Kit would be good, it has a patch board, leads and sensors
> > suitable for the XO mic socket, it has a few output devices
> > we don't need
> > http://littlebirdelectronics.com/products/starter-kit-for-arduino-flex
> > 
> > The concern I have is cost. The XO is $188 and most of the
> > target market is very price sensitive. My guess is that it
> > would accept a cost of $10 for a Starter Kit, just my
> > guess.
> > 
> > The Arduino Starter Kit would be at least $23.50 if you
> > removed the Arduino and USB cable and added a 3.5mm phono
> > plug with flying leads, probably more, my guess $30 -$35
> > considering that the per component price goes up for smaller
> > kits.
> > 
> > Here is how I calculate $23.50
> > 
> > http://littlebirdelectronics.com/products/starter-kit-for-arduino-flex
> > $59.95
> > http://littlebirdelectronics.com/products/USB-Cable-A-to-B-6-Foot
> > less $3.95
> > http://littlebirdelectronics.com/products/arduino-uno-r3   
> > less $32.50
> > total starterkit less arduinouno and usb cable   
> >                
> >    $23.50
> > 
> > Maybe the next step is to talk to a kit manufacturer like
> > Sparkfun
> Funny you should mention them, when I was at World Maker Faire 2012, they were very interested in the XO that I and Nick where displaying. They provide a bag of goodies that he used at our table and it was useful for his work when he went to Haiti with Waveplace. I think they might be someone to ask about either providing a kits or ...... helping certain small groups as part of 'good will', 'tech outreach' with a 'shout-out' to them or such. They run a 'free day' which I have been party to, and they are generous with their efforts at creating a community of Makers. We might be able to work with them on kits or be a recipient of their outreach.
> -Kev
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