[IAEP] OLPC tablets and Nell in the wild?

Chris Ball cjb at laptop.org
Wed Oct 31 20:41:32 EDT 2012


On Wed, Oct 31 2012, Mike Lee wrote:
> That experiment did not involve anyone from Sugar Labs or the
> community. The article is based on an education panel at EmTech 2012
> that, for some reason, has not been posted as video yet. Check
> here:  http://www2.technologyreview.com/emtech/12/
> But Matt Keller and the OLPC Association team who ran the project went
> into great detail in their talks at the OLPC SF Summit over a week
> ago. The Livestream on the subject has been archived and is viewable
> at the these links:

A minor point:  I consider myself part of the Sugar Labs community
and expect that C. Scott does also; maybe others from the team too.

- Chris.
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