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Sorry, wrong usage of CTRL-V!

The correct URL for the course is: http://venture-lab.stanford.edu/education


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I received this, too and signed in. Not much additional information 
received since via email.
More about this course: iaep at lists.sugarlabs.org

I am currently looking for co-learners in this course, as there will be 
some group projects to do.

With kind regards
Uli Spalthoff

Am 10.10.2012 06:20, schrieb Zachary Charles Clifton:
> No problem!
> The originating email address was a nice generic info at venture-lab.org 
> <mailto:info at venture-lab.org>
> On Oct 9, 2012, at 11:16 PM, Caryl Bigenho wrote:
>> Thanks Zachary...
>> Perhaps it went in my junk mail and accidentally got deleted. Did 
>> others get this email as well? What was the originating email address?
>> Caryl
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>> Subject: Re: [IAEP] Online Classes... Have you heard from Stanford 
>> Venture Lab?
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>> I've only received the following on 9/22/12
>> Welcome edu-preneurs!
>> I am very excited to connect with you and work together to design 
>> new, effective learning environments!
>> *The course officially starts on October 15 and will run for 10 
>> weeks.* During the course period, you will watch a series of short 
>> lecture videos, work on individual and team assignments, evaluate 
>> your peers' individual and team assignments, and ultimately design 
>> and pitch a new learning environment as your final team project. 
>> Examples include learning management systems that do more or are 
>> better than existing tools, mobile learning models or e learning 
>> pedagogies, a technology that supports learning and assessment, new 
>> school system models, or a blended learning program. The strongest 
>> designs will trigger and facilitate active, constructive, real-world 
>> problem solving and collaborative learning, and will leverage the 
>> 21st century communication media.
>> During the first two weeks, you will focus on individual assignments 
>> and *learning about and connecting with your classmates*. There are 
>> already 6,000 students enrolled, and I expect more over the next 
>> weeks leading up to the course, so make your presence known in the 
>> discussion forum! It is very important to share about your 
>> background, skills, interests, philosophies, and experiences during 
>> the early course period because by the 3rd week, you will use these 
>> connections to form project teams. You will form your own 
>> teams---they are not assigned---so make sure people in the course 
>> know your project ideas and work style. You may only belong to one 
>> team at a time and you are encouraged to create or join a team that 
>> consists of classmates who share a similar interests or beliefs about 
>> education, but with a broad range of experience and skills 
>> (particularly any skills or experience you don't possess that would 
>> help your work).
>> *There are no quizzes multiple choice questions in this course*. 
>> Learning here is not memorizing--- it is creating, designing, 
>> negotiating, presenting, evaluating, and building the working 
>> relationships and being the active contributor that it takes to do 
>> all of this on a team. Instead of exams, you will be evaluated by 
>> your classmates on the level of quality and originality of your work, 
>> as well as on your level of active participation and contribution in 
>> the class. Your course "rank" is on a 0-5 scale. Completing only your 
>> individual assignment will not earn you enough points to complete 
>> this course. You need to earn a ranking of at least 3 out of 5 to 
>> have successfully completed this course. Your active engagement 
>> throughout the course will be crucial. I estimate that you will need 
>> to spend about 4 hours each week, though actual time needed may vary 
>> depending on individual experiences and team effectiveness.
>> *Those highly ranked teams presenting excellent solutions will be 
>> featured on a Stanford website* so the world beyond this course may 
>> learn about your work and perhaps help your team make its design a 
>> reality.
>> I am glad to see so many people from all over the world interested in 
>> this course, and in our shared vision of helping every student reach 
>> his or her full potential regardless of age, color, or nationality. 
>> We are here to cause a paradigm shift in education settings around 
>> the world.
>> Once again, welcome my fellow innovators! Let's design a new learning 
>> environment. If we imagine it together, we can make it happen.
>> Thanks for your passion.
>> Sincerely,
>> Paul Kim
>> Chief Technology Officer and Assistant Dean
>> Graduate School of Education
>> Stanford University
>> http://venture-lab.stanford.edu/education
>> P.S. If you know of someone who might be a good teammate for your 
>> project idea, don't be shy to have her or him join!
>> On Oct 9, 2012, at 10:37 PM, Caryl Bigenho wrote:
>>     Hi...
>>     Has anyone received any communication for the online class
>>     offered by the Stanford Venture lab? It is supposed to start on
>>     October 15 and I haven't heard anything yet. I know several of
>>     you signed up too, so I thought I would check to see if you have
>>     had any communications from them. Yama... you took it before, did
>>     they send out anything before the actual start date when you took it?
>>     In contrast, the MOOC "Gentle Introduction Python" class has sent
>>     emails almost daily for the past week or so with instructions for
>>     signing up on the multiple sites they will using. It also starts
>>     on the 15th.
>>     You can still sign up for these classes at:
>>     https://venture-lab.stanford.edu/education
>>     http://mechanicalmooc.org
>>     Caryl (SweetXOGrannie for the classes)
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