[IAEP] Home school for dyslexic students

marilyn at ourdyslexicchildren.org marilyn at ourdyslexicchildren.org
Tue Oct 9 13:23:33 EDT 2012


Hi! I am a lurker who has used Sugar in the classroom and loved it.

Whenever I have posted anything on this list, usually it relates to

Some of you may be interested . . . my husband and I have
just decided to home school our profoundly dyslexic son, Sam. It is
posted at http://homeschool.ourdyslexicchildren.org. 

We are only a
week into it, but I definitely plan to include Sugar activities
eventually. Possibly I will have him access his coursework from within
Sugar. I don't have it as a hard drive installation here currently -
only Sugar on a Stick. 

As always - thanks to you all for the great
work you do. 

Marilyn :) 
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