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Hi Folks,
Some of us have been discussing how we can incorporate work with sensors into the SF Summit and Sugar Camp.  The thread of our discussion is below for your perusal. There are lots of good links there. 
Now, we need to expand our discussion to try to include all who might be interested in making and learning to use sensors with their XOs for Science Education (STEM, SET, SCIB, etc). Here is a summary of what we have talked about.
Tony Anderson and I both feel a need to be able to use sensors for science experiments/lessons with projects we are working with. We envision some time in SF devoted to our own maker/hacker space type activity where everyone interested could make and test sensors and come up with ideas for using them with students. Lesson ideas could be published on one of the wikis. We might also be able to make video tutorials on how to make them.
Nick Doiron will only be there for the weekend, but could get us started on them, perhaps on Friday evening. We would like to find others who will be staying into the Sugar Camp time who could help us. Volunteers anyone??? Or maybe we could build them all Friday evening after the reception and then play with them during Sugar Camp??? Ideas anyone?
We would need to get all the parts ahead of time. I can pick them up at a large electronics store (http://www.allelectronics.com)  here in SoCal sometime this week. To do this I would need a "shopping list." I notice that the requirements for some of the sensors vary with the model of XO they will be used with. I will need someone to work with me on this list to make sure I get everything we will need. Volunteers anyone???
I would also need to know who will be interested in doing this so I can get the supplies for everyone who will need them. It could be that some folks would only be able to participate on the weekend but would like to take "kits" home with them to finish later. I will fund the purchase and you all can reimburse me.
Would you like to come and "play" with us? Please send your name and what sensors you might be interested in building and testing. The obvious ones seem to be temperature and light, but it should reasonable to add one or 2 more.  Here are a few ideas of the possibilities. If you know of others, please share!
The wiki has the instructions for a light and temp sensor. The parts could be gotten at most radioshacks but bulk orders are cheaper. Some xo's (175,3,4) have built-in accelerometers.There was a mention of Noisebridge, they would have soldering irons. Ask them to use the space for your meeting and they might have some of the parts also.-kev
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