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Thanks. Sorry if this is elementary. So, I download both files on the XO, and then run the rules script?


Just a lttle explanation for less familiar folks:Gnu/Linux has various sub-system to connect the outside world to the world inside your computer. One of those systems is involved with USB devices('udev' -- user devices). When you plug-in a USB device, the kernel tries to find a kernel module to talk to it(with UDEV rules) and if it succeeds, it makes a device entry in the 'dev' directory (/dev/ttyUSB0 or something). If this happens, your device is recognized and other Gnu/Linux programs can 'see' it, if not, they will keep looking and fail to find it and nothing will happen or an error message will be displayed. There are multiple components to make TurtleArt work with the sensors/boards/etc. One is to load the plugin, two is to setup the 'udev' rules', three is to have a kernel modules that works and four is to plug in the device. So pluging-in the device, loading the plugin, are two steps but two more are needed. If the kernel modules is present, then
 all you need to do is add the UDEV rules with the script and that should make everything work.ARDUINO->USB port->kernel module->udev rule->usb device node->turtle art plugin->turtle artor something like that.hope that helps.-K
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