[IAEP] Robot runs on MSP430 + OLPC XO - QA and updated bundle request

Yama Ploskonka yamaplos at gmail.com
Sat Nov 24 21:20:16 EST 2012

Bouncy robot powered by mspgcc+olpc/Sugar+msp430 

So far mspdebug Linux tools "work" in OLPC's XO computer using the 
directions in
http://processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php/OLPC_XO-1 (major overhaul today, 
courtesy of a cold/flu)

1) I beg mspdebug people to vet excessive heresies this noob might have 
introduced in the How-To in that page.
So far I am managing without -mcu - or -gdb.
I actually have no idea what those are for, or if their unavailability 
explains my so far failure to UART, or if we should care... (for many 
things, it ain't broken...)

2) Fedora packaging people: any way to package
mspdebug msp430-libc msp430-binutils msp430-gcc msp430mcu msp430-gdb ?
What gets downloaded through yum channels in the XO is very, very 
outdated, and conflicts (cf. mcu and libc).
Please feel free to forward, as I have no access to "real" Fedora people 
- don't even know where to look for them without making a nuisance of 
myself and undue noise, and certainly do not know who could maybe make a 
"package"(?) usable for the XO. Will this be fixable for the next OLPC OS?

3) Robotics, Science, Sensors OLPC, IAEP people, please, if you could 
test the GCC toolchain?
You do not need to have a Launchpad on hand. I am trying to catch bugs 
and usability issues. Are the instructions clear? as much as possible 
figuring out snags so it's easier for kids and normal people.

The brains of this "bouncy" are an MSP430 microcontroller (a lowly 
g2152) controlling a L293 dual H bridge, senses two switches. Its brawn 
a couple geared DC motors on 9V PWM in an askjerry tricycle frame. Not 
counting shipping, less than USD $10 total. Coded in an XO-1 all the 
way. Enormous thanks to the mspgcc folks that helped me figure things 
like how to use more than one switch...

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