[IAEP] Emulating Alice in Turtle?

Brooks, Kevin Kevin.Brooks at ndsu.edu
Fri Nov 16 22:41:42 EST 2012

The kids in our after school program love Alice (Speak), and we have talked to them about how she works.  I just realized that we could get them to emulate Alice's opening moves in Turtle Blocks, with either the "speak" or "show" media objects, but I can't figure out if it is possible to program a response in Turtle using the "query keyboard" block from the sensors palette (or some other block like "print" from Python blocks).  In other words,

Speak -- Hello, my name is Alice.
Speak -- What is your name?
query keyboard ...

... and allow students to type in their name followed by

Speak -- That's a funny / cool / name (or whatever response the kids want to put in).  Getting them to program multiple options would be ideal!

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Kevin Brooks
Department of English
Dept 2320, Box 6050
Morrill 219A
North Dakota State University
Fargo ND 58108-6050

The computer's true function is to program and orchestrate terrestrial and galactic environments and energies in a harmonious way.  -- Marshall McLuhan

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