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Two questions:

1).  I cannot find the Request To Be A Mentor form on the Google Code-In
site.  I have a Gmail account so it looks like account-wise I'm all set.

2).  The Python Joven has a developer named Naughty Cristofer?

James Simmons

On Fri, Nov 16, 2012 at 11:02 AM, Walter Bender <walter.bender at gmail.com>wrote:

> == Sugar Digest ==
> 1. Sugar Labs has been selected as one of ten projects to participate
> in Google Code In [1]. We join, among others, our colleagues at Fedora
> et al., in soliciting the participation of high-school (and in our
> case, middle-school) students to work on projects during a six-week
> sprint beginning on November 26. This is a great chance for the youth
> who have been so instrumental in our growth over the past year to show
> off their talents to the world (and two of them will hopefully win a
> trip to visit Google). Please help Chris Leonard and me finalize the
> project and mentor lists over the next few days. (We are offering
> coding projects, documentation and training projects, outreach,
> quality assurance, and user interface, so even if you are not a
> developer, you likely have some skills to devote to the Code In.
> NOTE TO MENTORS: Please create an account on [1] and fill out the
> Request to be a Mentor form.
> NOTE TO COMMUNITY: Please add to our task lists [2] and please recruit
> participants.
> 2. I am in transit back to Boston from a 3-day trip to Chihuahua,
> Mexico. I gave a lecture on Sugar at Campuslink 2.0, the annual tech
> conference at UACH. I had a lot of fun with the faculty and students
> and even managed to squeeze in a short tutorial on hacking Sugar on my
> way to the airport this morning. I am looking forward to growing
> participation in the Sugar community. (Note to CJL: they are very
> interested in providing Rarámuri language support for Sugar.)
> 3. Sugar Labs is holding its annual election to the oversight board
> early next month. In anticipation of the election, I urge you to sign
> up for membership in the Sugar community. You need not be a software
> developer to join: contributions come in many forms, including:
> teaching, documenting, promoting, supporting, etc. (Note: there is no
> membership fee.) So, if you are not already a member, please sign up
> at [3] before 23 November.
> "If you're wondering whether you meet the requirements, if you're a
> teacher using Sugar in your classroom, regularly reading mailing
> lists, or have discussed Sugar in IRC, you probably do."
> If you are interested in running for one of the open board seats, open
> to any community member, please feel free to contact me or the
> membership committee with any questions before 7 December.
> 4. Irma Alvarez has completed Fructose (and Dextrose) translations of
> Sugar into Quechua. Next up: the Honey strings.
> === In the community ===
> 5. The python-joven (Python youth) community has been busy. A number
> of Sugar and GNOME-related workshops were given last week:
> * Introduction to Gtk 3 (Ignacio Rodriguez and Flavio Danesse)
> * Game Development on glucose (Ezekiel Pereira)
> * My text editor for GNOME (on gtk 2) (Cristian Garcia)
> * Sugar (Zubiaga Augustine and Naughty Cristofer)
> * Playing with python on my phone (Zubiaga Augustine and Naughty Cristofer)
> * A media player on Gstreamer 1.0 (Flavio Danesse)
> * A Client Server program (Flavio Danesse)
> 6. Worth a read: a blog from a new Sugar community member [4]
> === Tech Talk ===
> 7. The latest Butia project by Nicolas Furquez and Rafael Sisto is
> pretty cool: [5].
> === Sugar Labs ===
> Visit our planet [6] for more updates about Sugar and Sugar deployments.
> ----
> [1] http://www.google-melange.com/gci/homepage/google/gci2012
> [2] http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Google_Code-In_2012
> [3]
> http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Sugar_Labs/Members#Applying_for_membership
> [4]
> http://jutanclan.blogspot.com/2012/11/one-laptop-per-child-here-we-go.html?spref=fb
> [5] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vF9ZhQYIwVg&feature=relmfu
> [6] http://planet.sugarlabs.org
> -walter
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