[IAEP] a character reference for Sebastian Silva

Yama Ploskonka yamaplos at gmail.com
Thu Nov 8 23:36:00 EST 2012

Funny how things happen to happen...

As I was driving home this evening from class, very tired, I was 
reflecting on how pretty much all the effort I have put into Bolivia 
OLPC, OLE and whatever has gone mostly to waste. As I am considering 
further work and effort there in 2013, I was considering how hard it is 
to find someone who could be a good, honest steward, taking care of 
keeping expenses low, respectful of the investment and resources, and my 
mind immediately went to Sebastian Silva.

I was wondering on how sometime I would want to ask him how he came to 
be / maybe to understand how to empower people like him, as any effort 
or expense gives a higher "bang for the buck". As I was talking this 
afternoon with a neighbor here, about how things are her and how they 
are elsewhere, well, us people here are having such a hard time 
affording to do good, basically because we are SO expensive! I remember 
tales of people Fedexing their dirty laundry, and $10^5+ salaries...

Not Sebastian, Laura and kid. There /must/ be a life after this one, a 
Paradise, because some people deserve it.

oh well...

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