[IAEP] [Olpc-socal] Ethiopian kids hack OLPCs in 5 months with zero instruction

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Hi Folks!
This is interesting stuff! I was fortunate to attend a presentation about this by the researchers, they had at the olpc-SF Community Summit a week or so ago. One of the team, John Watlington, was there in person. The rest were there via video conference. If you would like to see their presentation, it is posted on one of the researcher's blogs: http://cscott.net . Those of you that are involved in academic research will be impressed with the methodology and research design for this project. That was toward the end of the panel... late in Part 2. I hope you can take the time out to watch both parts. It is fascinating!
As an aside, I bought a solar panel in SF that is customized for charging XOs and won an XO-1.75! I am doing lots of experiments with them and with the XO-1, and XO-1.5.  I'll report results as I get them.

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- Steven

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