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Thanks, Richard for all the great info (and to Mike Lee for the theremon suggestion). I'll have to try all these things! Will report back in a couple of days.Caryl

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> >
> > I can assure you that the whine will not damage the panel.
> Oops.  Meant to say "will not damage the XO-1."
> > I have a software tool specifically for this purpose.  Its called
> > olpc-panel-pwr.
> Oops again. should be: "called olpc-panelpwr-log"
> > There is one small detail that I've discovered since then.  If the output of
> > the panel is 20+ Volts.  Then the 1.75 may fail to turn on at all if there
> > isn't a battery.  Under certain conditions the high voltage makes our power
> > supply circuit do some bad things on startup.
> I'll add these bad things are harmless to the XO-1.75. But it won't power on.
> Hope all that info helped.
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> Richard A. Smith
> One Laptop per Child
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