[IAEP] gathering use cases

Holt holt at laptop.org
Fri Nov 2 16:46:03 EDT 2012

Thanks much Sameer.  Am including support-gang at laptop.org to make sure 
we gather microdeployment and support volunteer feedback too.

While our XS Community Edition experiment ain't quite ready for 
showtime/download yet, its white paper & code repository are here:

Feedback will be especially interesting this week as many of us will 
reconvene outside Toronto Nov 10-18 to advance this work, with nightly 
Skype calls then for those with a strong interest in contributing.

Daniel Drake helped George a lot in SF, but note SF Summit presenter 
(one of XSCE's lead developers, George Hunt) is part of the 3 million 
households / 6-10 million people lacking electricity around NY/NJ due to 
the Hurricane Sandy, so he won't be able to respond immediately -- 
please don't let that stop you from carefully reviewing his/our work -- 
responses will certainly be forthcoming later in the week!

On 11/2/2012 4:15 PM, Sameer Verma wrote:
> There are several use cases that may or may not get addressed when 
> designing a particular software stack to address a requirement.
> The XS 0.7 is designed to be a single image install and comes with 
> Moodle. Given that I work with Moodle everyday, I see the pros and 
> cons of it being central on the XS. I am in fact fairly happy with its 
> current design, but also realize that it was built for a specific use 
> case or three that OLPC needed at the time.
> There is also an effort (currently dubbed XS Community Edition) that 
> is attempting to address certain other use cases where Moodle and 
> other services could possibly become optional. We saw this at the OLPC 
> SF Community Summit. I hope it will grow up to be the next XS (but 
> that's another thread).
> My concern is that perhaps, if we don't do our homework right, we will 
> once again build something that will fail to address a use case or 
> two. Can one design address all use cases? Maybe not. But it's good to 
> know what those use cases are.
> To this end, I would like to collect data on different possible use 
> cases from all kinds of deployments. I have a student (cc'd) who is 
> working on this project currently. She will gather data from various 
> deployments (suitcase, boutique, MoE etc) as much as possible (with 
> the cooperation of projects, of course) and write a report on what we 
> see out there. We'll gladly make the report available once it is done.
> Is this useful?
> What should the scope be? Initially I had thought of the server side, 
> but that may be limiting. What should we gather?
> Location, school, size, personnel, skills, electricity, Internet 
> access, language, sugar version, ...
> Feedback?
> cheers,
> Sameer
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