[IAEP] Choose Your Own Reading and Pronunciation Adventure - Kickstarter

Jim Salsman jim at talknicer.com
Thu May 24 19:50:57 EDT 2012

I've been working for decades on a free speech recognition-based game
to teach English reading and pronunciation, and this year it is going to
happen, thanks to Google's Summer of Code and the OLPC contributors'
program.  But to make it really useful with as much initial instructional
content as possible, we need to raise just a little more money.  Please
have a look:


We have secured funding for two of the three other engineers who want to
help finish the project, but we still need to money for the third and to
collect sufficient exemplar pronunciation recordings and create engaging
graphics, animations, and game content to support English learners of all
ages and experience levels.  This is a much more ambitious project that
we can accomplish for less than half of our previous fundraising goal.
We raised more pledges on Kickstarter in less than a day than direct
donations the entire year so far, not counting Google's help.  I hope you
will please join in to help.

Whether you pledge to support this project or not, would you please share
it with your colleagues and friends on email lists and social media with
forwarding, likes, tweets, shares, etc.?  Thank you very much.

Best regards,
James Salsman

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