[IAEP] [Olpc-uruguay] [OLE Bolivia] [Sur] "Cómo Hacer Una Actividad Sugar" ha sido publicado!

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Sat Mar 10 20:21:33 EST 2012

I'm going to try and reply to some of the Spanish emails on this book.

1).  The book is a paperback, with a glued binding and a wraparound cover.
 The cover is in color, the interior pages black and white.

2).  The cover illustration is by Oceana Rain Fields, a student who did a
mentorship with a group called the Rural Design Collective.  She got a
small scholarship for working with them, and one of the things she did was
illustrations for my books.  This illustration was used for the Lulu.com
version of the book, the profits of which went to the FLOSS Manuals
website.  I did not use her illustration for the e-book version because I
did not want to profit from her work.  That was back when it seemed likely
that there *would* be a profit.  I was young and naive back then.  I now
think that having her art on these books is likely to do her more good than
writing the books will do me.  They really are nice looking books.

3).  I make 63 cents when you buy the book on Amazon, $2+ when you buy
through CreateSpace.  Reviews on the Amazon site would be helpful.  No
matter what happens on either site I keep my day job.  I'm charging about
half what FLOSS Manuals did on Lulu, so don't let the low price fool you.
 These are books you'll be proud to own.  You'll leave them out to make an
impression when girls come over.

4).  I am well aware of Python 3 looming on the horizon, etc.  I am not up
to revising the book at the moment.  My current literary project is a
transcription and commentary on the *Bhagavat Purana*, a book I have some
history with.  Like Steve Jobs I used to attend the free Sunday feasts at
the Hare Krishna temple.  Unlike him, I met a really nice girl who
convinced me that the movement had more to offer than free food.  At the
time I was more interested in what she had to offer, and you can read the
whole sad tale in "The Life And Times Of Bhakta  Jim", also available on
Amazon.com.  When I'm ready to change my focus from Sanskrit back to Python
I'll let you know.

5).  I was hoping the English book would be a collaborative effort like
other FLOSS Manuals, and like the translation was.  I still think that's a
good idea for the Python 3 edition, if any of you would be interested.

6).  For now the book is only available on Amazon.com and CreateSpace.  I'd
like it to be available on other Amazon sites.  I have paid for "expanded
distribution" which means that the book is listed in catalogs used by other
sites and by book stores.  It will take 6+ weeks to actually get listed,
and that only means it *might* get listed on websites based in South
America.  No guarantees though.  I'll do what I can to make it happen, for
what that's worth.

7).  Cómo Hacer Una Actividad Sugar has been downloaded for free 328 times
on archive.org.  It has sold zero copies in paperback and only one copy as
an Amazon e-book (the purchaser got a refund).  It has done a bit better in

James Simmons

2012/3/10 Alan Jhonn Aguiar Schwyn <alanjas at hotmail.com>

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> Actividad Sugar" ha sido publicado!
> >
> > la edici´on impresa y empastada es "for demand", es decir la imprimen
> > recién cuando alguien lo compra, por lo que imagino que no,
> > probablemente no tiene tapas duras.
> >
> > El link
> > https://www.createspace.com/3807590
> > tiene una imagen de la tapa, que pareciera no es "libre", sino de una
> > tal Oceana Rain Fields, motivo probable por la que no está en las
> > versiones "libres".
> >
> > si te hace feliz, imagen en grande:
> > http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/images/1470125064/ref=dp_image_text_0
> >
> > Me pones curioso, ¿hay algún motivo para esto de tapas duras?
> > (bueno, generalmente tapas duras indican ediciones de ultra lujo hoy
> > en día, MUY POCO común en libros técnicos, pero no se me ocurre qué
> > otra cosa)
> Solo curiosidad de como era el libro..
> Voy a tener que comprarlo...
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