[IAEP] Tam Tam Mini Progress and User Manual Update

Caryl Bigenho cbigenho at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 7 14:06:53 EST 2012

Hi All!

I'm happy to say I have finally gotten back to work on my "Fun With Tam Tam Mini" FLOSS manual after a hiatus (a So Cal word from the "industry") brought on by all sorts of holiday and family distractions.  There are a number of other, unrelated, things folks have asked me to work on now, but I figure if I don't get this done first, it will never get done.  So…

I am currently working on learning to use the free Finale Notepad software to generate simple samples of all the musical examples in the manual, put into standard musical notation. This was suggested by my middle- schooler, violinist, granddaughter when she reviewed the draft, way back in November.  

I remember how those musicians among you who tried Tam Tam in my mini-workshop at the SF summit found it confusing because you were used to reading notes.  I also found this with some second and third graders I worked with in Montana who have had some music lessons.  So… it will be there for those who need it in a special Appendix.  So far, I have done a one octave C Major scale... woo-hoo!  

I still will need to do some screen shots, but that should be fairly easy.  

***(Important) As soon as I finish the manual I will take excerpts and put them into the new FLOSS manual update as a Tam Tam Mini chapter. I am hoping someone will decide on the guidelines for these Activity chapters.  There should be a limit on the maximum number of pages for any single Activity so we don't end up with any one being extremely long.  We should ask folks to include enough information for users to successfully begin to use the Activity and then refer them to more information elsewhere (wiki, FLOSS manual, web site, etc).

I'll let you know when "Fun With Tam Tam Mini" is finished and ready for a final review.  I know there are several of you interested in using this in some of your deployments so… just a little more time and it should be ready!

Grannie B (MA MusicEd) 		 	   		  
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