[IAEP] "Make Your Own Sugar Activities!" paperback is on Amazon, Create Space

James Simmons nicestep at gmail.com
Thu Mar 1 12:48:19 EST 2012

Yesterday I received a proof copy from Create Space for "Make Your Own
Sugar Activities!" and it looked good so I approved it for sale.  You can
buy it on Amazon or on CreateSpace:

Amazon URL:


CreateSpace URL:


And, *for comparison purposes only*, the old Lulu URL:


The interior of the book is *exactly the same* whether you buy from Lulu or
CreateSpace.  The page size is the same too.  But there are differences!

1).  The correct title of the book, including the exclamation point, is on
the CreateSpace edition, in large, friendly letters.  The Lulu version is
missing the exclamation point and uses ALL CAPS in a cold Sans Serif font.

2).  The author of the book is shown on the front cover and on the spine in
the CreateSpace version.

3).  The CreateSpace version has a full color photo of the author on the
back cover.

4).  The CreateSpace book has a real ISBN number and a bar code on the back
to prove it.

5).  Lulu charges $18.43 for this book.  Create Space will only charge
$7.50 for its version, which is either JUST AS GOOD or almost as good,
depending on how you feel about the author photo.  This will give me about
a dollar in royalties if you buy through Amazon or about two dollars if you
go through CreateSpace directly.  (There are of course benefits to me if
you buy from Amazon, too.  Like I'll get that thing where it says "People
who bought this also bought *The Life And Times Of Bhakta Jim*.  Or *E-Book
Enlightenment.*  Or *The Diamond Age*".)

As far as Amazon is concerned it will only be available from Amazon.com,
not the other Amazon sites worldwide.  CreateSpace has this deal called
Extended Distribution where if you pay $30 they will list your book in
catalogs used by bookstores, etc.  This will make it possible that the book
*could* be sold on other Amazon sites, etc., but no guarantees.  The e-book
is already available on many (but not all) Amazon sites worldwide and
hasn't set any sales records there, so I figure I'll keep the $30.
 Customers from outside the U.S. should be able to order from CreateSpace.

I have two other books I will offer this way: *Como Hacer Una Actividad
Sugar* and *E-Book Enlightenment:Reading And Leading With One Laptop Per
Child*.  I should get proof copies of these in a few days.

As far as Lulu is concerned, MYOSA was put there by the FLOSS Manuals
website and they have received whatever profits there were from Lulu sales.
 I don't think it was much money, and they never really marketed the book
(like for instance listing it in the *FLOSS Manuals Bookstore* section of
their website).  If I thought it was making money for them I wouldn't
compete with them, but as things are I think I can move more paper this
way.  The other two books never had printed versions before.

If someone could post the URLs on OLPC or Sugar Labs websites I'd be

James Simmons
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