[IAEP] Learn activity

Tony Anderson tony_anderson at usa.net
Mon Jun 18 11:00:47 EDT 2012


Today, Version 51 of the Learn activity has been posted to 
Activities.Sugarlabs.org. This version is intended for use
by deployments to evaluate its usefulness in their context.

It has a separate (45mb) file of content which can be downloaded
from the website. The website also has installation instructions.
It is recommended to use this version of Learn with Sugar 0.84 or
later. This activity is only supported on an XO. Currently it does
not work on SOAS, for example.

The sample content includes two milestones each for English, 
Mathematics, and Science developed and used by the teachers at École 
Saint Jacobs in Kigali, Rwanda. A button on the home page allows users
to experience the activity with staff priviliges and as a student in P4, 
P5 and P6. There is also a 'Laboratory' subject where teachers can
prepare milestones and lessons for the coming term. The Laboratory also
support French to enable the French teacher also to create course materials.

The Explore subject is intended to provide extra-curricular courses 
which students can study to earn badges. At present it contains examples 
of various types of lessons including a Khan Academy video and 
associated exercises as well as a story (with audio) from the British 
Council. Learn is capable of launching Sugar activities. The examples
in ms02 require that ShowNTell, Quiz, Memorize, Turtle Art, and the 
Jukebox activity be installed. (Jukebox is used to play the Khan video).
If the activity launched by a Learn activity is not installed, it throws 
an exception.

Explore also contains some mini-courses on the XO and Learn. These
are examples of what is possible. The actual content in most cases is 

Please feel free to comment on your experience with Learn here or by 
direct email.


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