[IAEP] Quirky TamTam... Possible Problems?

Caryl Bigenho cbigenho at hotmail.com
Sat Jun 2 19:42:11 EDT 2012

Hi Folks,

While prepping for a short presentation about Tam Tam Mini yesterday, I ran into a small problem I haven't noticed before. There seems to be an intermittent static popping sound when keys are pressed. It is difficult to pin down the cause, but it happens across all active keys and all of the XO models I have at hand: XO-1, XO-1.5, XO-1.5HS and XO-1.75.  While it doesn't interfere with the basic use of Tam Tam, it is definitely a problem that should be looked in to. Since it occurs with three different types of keyboard, it seems unlikely the keyboard is the problem.

For Musicians, Physics nuts, and Synthesizer gurus only:
I also noted an unusual anomaly with the instrument tuning. I tested the intonation of the XO with a small electronic tuner clipped to the lid near the speaker. The intonation of the notes is amazingly accurate to an A=440 pitch. All of the instruments I tested, except one, were tuned in "C." In other words, you play a "Do" on the Z, ",", Q, or I keys, you get the pitch we call "C." However, one instrument, the Shehnai, sounds a "G" when Do is played. Since I didn't test all 60+ sounds, I can't say for sure there aren't others that do this as well.

It is quite well in tune, just with different notes than expected. This could be intentional. However, it occurs to me that since G is the first overtone for the note C, when the notes for the Shahnai were programmed they may have accidentally left out the fundamental tone… C (and on up the scale) and instead used the fifth as the fundamental. Someone might want to take a look at that.

Have fun with these. Let me know if you find out something or if something needs to be fixed.

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