[IAEP] Announcing: ASLOxo-6-3 DVD -Updated: Added new activities from the sugar-devel list up to: 01/21/2012

Thomas C Gilliard satellit at bendbroadband.com
Sun Jan 22 21:18:54 EST 2012

This is what I have been using to test activities with in a DVD format:



Tom Gilliard
satellit_ on #sugar

    * http://download.sugarlabs.org/images/ASLOxo6-3.iso 3.2 GB (DVD)

    *Updated: Added new activities from the sugar-devel list up to:*
    To View tests and compatibility of some of the included Activities
    (works off-line) on the included *Activity_Matrix* web page;

        Open the *Activity_Matrix.html* file in the *Activity_List
        Folder* on the DVD with Firefox, or in Sugar Browse 129 or Surf
        Copy contents of DVD to a USB-stick and open the USB-stick
        *Activity_Matrix.html* file in Sugar Browse 129 or Surf 115. -
        (Browse 130 does not open it in f17) 

    * Suggestion: *copy only the ones* you want from the DVD to a (fat
      16/32) USB-stick; Insert it and use it to drag-drop install a
      custom suite of activities to Sugar.

    Activities.xo files can be installed by drag-dropping them into the
    Sugar Journal from a mounted DVD or a USB to which they have been

    * *Use as an off-line "sneaker net"- Download one time and have an
      off-line library of Sugar-activities on hand.*

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