[IAEP] Fixing activities documentation for the new UI

Pablo Flores pflores2 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 13 14:49:46 EST 2012

Yesterday we discussed with Sridhar Dhanapalan and other OLPC-Australia
team people the impact of updating the Sugar version on their deployment.
One of the unforeseen impacts comes to the documentation they have made for
training their teachers, as it has plenty of screenshots and videos that
got outdated because of all the UI changes made recently.  This will bring
an important amount of work for updating...

One of the things that could be very helpful for them would be having the
floss manuals updated. I took a look at the manuals of "classic" activities
and they weren't updated. It would be great if some of the contributors who
worked on those manuals could lend a hand for having them updated.

Looking further, I think there should be some way for keeping the
activities documentation updated, or at least having a single place to see
for each activity how much updated its documentation is. Looking for ideas
for having this done.

Would it make sense including documentation updating in the upstreaming
process somehow?

Pablo Flores
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