[IAEP] FLOSS Manual Update and Tam Tam FLOSS Manual

Caryl Bigenho cbigenho at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 5 22:41:57 EST 2012

Hi Folks….

Well, I'm just 6 days late with it, but I have completed the Tam Tam Mini section of the XO Users Manual (Rev 2011).  This was the section I promised to have ready by New Years.  I have also completed most of my "Fun With Tam Tam" FLOSS manual.  I still want to add a few things my "reviewers" have suggested.

If you have a Booki account you can sign in and view both of these and give me feedback. To do this, sign in and go to "All Manuals."  "Fun With Tam Tam" is on page 2 (I will add the "Mini" later) and the "XO Users Manual (Rev 2011) is at the bottom of page 5.  You can read a draft of the manuals from links on this page.  You can also edit from the links on this list.

If you are one of the many others who have offered to complete sections for the revised Users Manual, please consider trying to work on them a bit.  If you are doing sections that have been done before, you might consider just cutting and pasting what has already been done and editing it to update.

If you would like to have a review copy of the Fun With Tam Tam (Mini) manual to use with children in a deployment you are working on, one way to do it is to sign in, go to page 2 of All Manuals, enter "edit", cut and paste what you find there into a blank document, save it, and print it out on your printer.  I'm sure there is a better way to do this, but this does work.  Just be careful not to accidentally change things that shouldn't be changed!

I hope some of you will try it!



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