[IAEP] SCaLE 10X Presentation "Slides" (link only... no attachment)

Kenneth Wyrick kmw at caltek.net
Sat Feb 11 23:56:02 EST 2012

great presentation. i do like that it was a live presentation using soas.
i like the links as well.

Hi Folks,

At last!  I have finished putting together slides from my presentation at
SCaLE10X.  Since the talk was actually a "live" presentation, I was
running SoaS, a browser connected to the web, and a presentation program
all at once.  There were very few actual slides
 it was the real thing!  I
constantly switched back and forth to illustrate what I was talking about.

So, I went back and tried to recreate the experience with screen shots.  I
think it came out pretty well and anyone who missed the talk will be able
to get the gist of what went on.  Hope you like it!

Check it out: http://bit.ly/yiB0hb or download the pdf above.  The actual
file before converting to pdf is over 60MB, too big to send as an

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