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Sorry for the late notice, but there is still time for folks to make a
short (30 second) YouTube video message for this online event encouraging
using art and music to launch a global conversation about making the world
a better place.  Co-sponsored by aBigProject and UN Arts for Peace and a
lot of other folks who work to "Imagine Whirled Peas".

Help Life Change



If the world as it currently exists were to radically shift tomorrow, and
we had an opportunity to recreate the world…

    What would you want to keep from this world?
    What would you want to leave behind?
    What could people do differently now to help us get to that world?
    What is one thing that you would be willing to do differently to help
get us to that world?

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From: A Big Project <dbarlin at abigproject.org>
Date: Thu, Dec 20, 2012 at 4:08 AM
Subject: Schedule, Press Release and Technology info for Global Event!!!
To: Chris Leonard <cjlhomeaddress at gmail.com>

 Hi Chris --

Thanks for your patience as we’ve tried to put the final pieces into
place!  The good news is our schedule looks amazing, we are filled to the
rim with celebrity messages, lots of fab music videos and PSA’s, and we
have press releases ready to go and your art work looks beautiful!
 Unfortunately, there was an ugly glitch in the technology platform that we
were hoping to use. So we are moving to *PLAN B! **


In order to have your message developed for the broadcast, simply use your
mobile phone’s video  camera (if you have one) or a digital camera and
record your segment. Then upload it onto youtube and send the link to
multostars at gmail.com and please cc me at dbarlin at abigproject.org.

If you have any issues, email us and we’ll work with you until we ensure
your message goes live!


If you are an artist or a message maker and want media for your message, click
here <http://press_release_template> to download a press release template.
All you need to do is write in a few sentences (in yellow) to the document
and send out to the top five local newspapers or bloggers in your area.  If
you call them and tell them what you are doing, they are more likely to
pick up the story!


*Tentative Schedule* *

**Video messages of hope will be integrated as participants send in their
video recordings throughout the broadcast!**
* *

*9am – Welcome and introduction to Help Life Change!  *

* *

*9:15am  “End* *Hate, Protect Human Rights, Grow Love”*

   - Art, Music and Messages of Hope From Around the World
   - Feature: A Big Project virtual art gallery on 2nd life
   - Feature: Worldwide Hibakushaten Exhibition
   - Celebrity messages from: Desmund Tutu, Edward James Olmas, and others

*10:15am    “End** Poverty and Share Learning” *

   - Art, Music and Messages of Hope From Around the World
   - Celebrity messages from: Sean Penn, Beyonce, George Clooney, Brad
   Pitt, Salma Hyek, Penelope Cruz, and others

*11am      **“End Violence and Create a Culture of Peace”  *

   - Art, Music and Messages of Hope From Around the World
   - Feature: Interview with Michael Johnson,  Pathways To Peace
   - Feature: *HealRWorld*.  A new initiative emerging to support
   Corporations (and consumers!) in being more socially responsible.  *Have
   input into this exciting new project through the livestream chat.*
   - Celebrity messages from: Angelina Jolie, Eric Clapton, Michelle
   Philips, Emmanuel Jal

*12pm  **“**End Mistreatment and Foster Empowerment of Women and Children”

   - Art, Music and Messages of Hope From Around the World
   - Celebrity messages from: Angelina Jolie, Flea, Ewan McGregor, Lang
   Lang, Lucy Liu and others

*1pm       “End Mistreatment of our Earth and Start Healing Our World” *

   - Art, Music and Messages of Hope From Around the World
   - Feature: Co-Founder, Damascus Citizens Group, Joe Levine
   (Anti-Fracking leader inspiring the
   - Celebrity messages from: Kevin Bacon, Mark Ruffalo, Jason Mraz

*2pm  “End mistreatment of Animals and Respect All Living Beings”  *

   - Art, Music and Messages of Hope From Around the World
   - Celebrity messages from: Jane Goodall, Mary lou Henner

* *

*3pm   Dream Big*

   - Feature: “What is A Big Project?”  Overview of the one year effort to
   create this event, and how we plan to put visions for a better world into
   action!   - with Dara Barlin and Fire-starters!

   - Feature: “Building the future we want through economic and social
   justice. UN Millennium Development Goals and Beyond….” With Bhumika Muchhala

*4pm  Leading the Way in Socially Responsible Corporate Life *

   - Feature: Interactive Conversation with Intel Corporation: “Awake

*5-6:30  *  *Live music from the United Nation’s Church Center.*  Featuring
Patty Reese, John Mobley (Cousin John’s Band), Sima Cunningham, Jordan
Lorrius, Jesse Clinton and A Big Project Founder Dara Barlin

* *

*6:30pm  Move to Shift Network’s Smoking of the Peace Pipe!*

* *

*Additional performances*

   - Heartbeat live song in Jerusalem
   - Armenia concert in Yerevan

If you have any tech related questions, please contact Melissa at:
multostars at gmail.com  or Lisa at lisa at unify.org and we will work you
through any issues.  If you have general questions, please contact:
simacunningham at gmail.com

Thanks for your patience, talent and belief that together we can change the

Out of the harbor,


(on behalf of the Fire-Starter team)

* *

A Big Project

A Big Project · United States
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