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What would also, be good would be tests included in the activity to help
detect color blindness, dyslexia and other common vision issues that affect
kids ability to read/learn.  My one son had a hard time learning to read
and it took us a while to find a doctor who could diagnose the issue.
 Turns out he would occasionally see two fingers when we held up one and
things would sometimes "shake".  He was bright otherwise so he had coping
mechanisms, but it would have been good to catch this earlier, as there
were a simple set of exercises that helped correct the issues and improve
his reading.


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> And maybe in the sugar-devel you can obtain more ideas..
> Or in IAEP..
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> Hello,
> Maybe develop an activity to explain the parts of the eye.. There are some
> activitys called "Conozco" that
> allow make simple question about an image.
> The usual uses: geography; where is the city where born xxxx? And the
> answer, click on a city.
> The same code can be used to this activity with minor changes.
> An example of the geography use: "I know America" [1]
> Another use: health food "Conozco Alimentos" [2]
> Another idea: make a "vision test". With random letters (to evite that the
> childrens memorize the letters)
> you put the XO to a some distance, and ask for the first line (0.2 or
> similar) and continues with small
> letters.
> Regards!
> Alan
> [1] http://activities.sugarlabs.org/es-ES/sugar/addon/4464
> [2] http://activities.sugarlabs.org/es-ES/sugar/addon/4324
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> Subject: [Olpc-open] Healthcare - Potential Opportunity
> Hello, I'm new to this venue but am looking to contribute and/or determine
> if I might have some material that would benefit the community.  I work for
> a healthcare company that specializes in vision and was wondering if there
> was any need for material on healthy vision or perhaps an interactive eye
> model to teach children about the different parts of the eye.  It could be
> anything in this realm really - the sky is the limit.
> My company is constantly looking for ways to give back and if there was
> some interest in this I'd look to build a more robust case and inquire more
> deeply into whether the company would be willing to put some resources
> behind this.
> Is there anyone on this distribution list that would be able to point me
> in the right direction?
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