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Actually, we have added a Guest Chapters section in *Make Your Own Sugar
Activities!* with three chapters so far.  The first one, on using WebKit,
is about half finished.  It shows how to include WebKit in your Activity
and how to link it to external content but it really needs to show how to
make a self contained Activity with HTML, JavaScript, style sheets and
embedded fonts included in the .xo file.  The author is unable to work on
the chapter for another week or so.

The other two need just a bit of polishing.  One is on converting
GTK2->GTK3 and the second is on replacing HippoCanvas with regular GTK

The reason you can't see them at the moment is that the "publish" step in
the process isn't done.  I'm holding off on doing that for awhile.  If
anyone wants to check out how they look now you can get an account on
booki.flossmanuals.net and do a "View" on the chapters.

I decided to create a "Guest Chapters" section because we have topics that
are small and somewhat self contained that could be the work of a single
author.  They aren't exactly advanced topics and they don't really fit into
the other chapters either.  I'm hoping we can have more, especially by
younger authors but not limited to them.

At the moment I just plan to publish on the web.  When things have
stabilized enough I'll create a new book on Create Space and Amazon with a
new ISBN and stop selling the old one.

Every author will get a free printed copy of the book from me, sent to
wherever he or she lives.  Authors might get their pictures on the back
cover too.

James Simmons

On Mon, Dec 17, 2012 at 3:53 PM, Walter Bender <walter.bender at gmail.com>wrote:

> == Sugar Digest ==
> 1. Google Code In [1] continues at a rapid pace. So far, we have 49
> participants working on more than 170 tasks (we continue to add more
> tasks as the contest progresses over the next four weeks). Students
> have done a great job with documentation, for example, there is now a
> chapter in Make Your Own Sugar Activity that describes how to port
> from GTK2 to GTK3 [2], a video introduction to Sugar on a Stick [3],
> and a new Turtle Art introductory guide [4]. They have do a lot of
> coding: contributions such as setting the background image on the
> homepage [5]; improvements to activities [6, 7]. If you have
> suggestions for projects--easy or hard--please don't hesitate to
> contact me.
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