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Hello Sascha,
Do you have a link to the successful proposals so we may look them over and learn from them? Thanks.

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Walter Bender <walter.bender at gmail.com> writes:
>> Did you get any feedback as to why the proposal wasn't accepted? Because
>> similarly to you it's my impression that Sugar-related activities should fit
>> in quite well with RISE's scope...
> You'd think Sugar would be a good fit for Summer of Code as well, but
> apparently not.
Sugar is a good fit for GSoC, but our proposals were not. Google
significantly raises the bar for organisations that have participated in
GSoC before - or put differently, they give "newcomers" a certain amount
of slack.
There are loads of organisations that try to participate in GSoC, so as
Kevin phrased it: The competition is stiff. Take a look at the projects
the other organisations proposed to students. They were in a much better
shape. More detailed and easy to understand descriptions, better fit to
the scope of GSoC (i.e. less ambitious!), designated mentors for each
proposal, diversity of topics, etc.

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