[IAEP] Code of Conduct

Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Sat Apr 28 00:38:58 EDT 2012

On Tue, 2012-04-24 at 23:59 -0700, Bernie Innocenti wrote:
> Ubuntu is refreshing its Code of Conduct:
>   http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~sabdfl/ubuntu-codeofconduct/v2-draft/view/head:/MergedCodeOfConduct.txt
> Although I've never participated much in the Ubuntu community, I've
> always thought of this document as one the best of its kind.
> Should we publish a similar code of conduct on our wiki? It could be as
> simple as copying this text to a wiki page, with minor edits such as
> replacing all occurrences of "Ubuntu" with "Sugar Labs".
> Ubuntu requires e-signing the Code of Conduct upon becoming a Ubuntero,
> a status that enables users to build and distribute custom packages on
> Launchpad. Since the CC isn't written as a contract, I think it would be
> enough to ask our members to at least read it.

Not sure if silent assent, or nobody really cares enough to respond.

So I'll go ahead under the optimistic assumption that nobody is strongly
opposed to this idea and add a draft of our CC to the wiki.

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