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Date: 2012/4/26
Subject: [Sugar-devel] [DESIGN] Revisiting Read Activity default font
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Hi list,

I will try to wrap an interesting discussion that has arisen today on
IRC.  We talked about a better default font for our e-book reader,
Read activity, and the possibility to add a new feature to change that
font (in the activity itself or as a system setting).  Obviously not
for landing in this cycle, we have a lot of pending things to do, but
would be nice to keep trac on this if there is some consensus.

I'm cc'ing Guillermo Espertino, professional free software designer,
and Dave Crossland, font consultor at Google Webfonts, who also
participated.  Please answer to all because they may not be in
sugar-devel mailing list.

So, the current default is DejaVu LGC Serif.  HoboPrimate suggested
Century Schoolbook L as a better font.  Guillermo said to me that
Gentium Book would be the ideal.

But Gonzalo, current Read maintainer, said that he has intentions to
move to Sans.  Now I understand that Serif fonts are being used in
books more because of historical reasons, and that we should think
what would be better for children.  He also pointed that teachers ask
for a hand-writting font, and that there are special fonts designed
for dyslexic people.

Finally, Dave pointed us to http://kidstype.org and the Fabula
typeface.  Looks interesting indeed.

.. manuq ..
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