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Urs Lerch lists at ulerch.net
Tue Apr 24 11:34:24 EDT 2012

Hi everybody,

Although I'm new to this list I'm active in the OLPC community for quite
a while now. Furthermore, since early this year I'm chairman of the
Swiss OLPC association.

Actually I'm writing the final report for the XO-Contest, an activity
we've done in Switzerland. Since I'm planning to publish the article on
firstmonday.org under a CC-by licence, there will be full open access to
it. My problem is that Englisch is not my native language. Therefore I
need an intense proofreading. I have a budget for that, so I can pay the
work at current prices. But before I give the job to a commercial
office, I'd rather support someone from the community.

So if you're interested in doing the job, preferably already have
experience with publishing on firstmonday.org, I'm happy to send the
document to you so you can make an offer. (If you have no idea of the
going rate, I'll pay you the amount of a reference offer, which I have

Thanks for your attention.

Kind regards,

-- Dr. Urs Lerch
-- +41 62 534 76 56
-- Bachstrasse 100, CH-5000 Aarau
-- Please Use OpenPGP key C0834669 to encrypt your mail to me.
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