[IAEP] 2012 Doc Sprint Plan [jump in on library at lists.laptop.org !]

Holt holt at laptop.org
Thu Apr 5 08:58:23 EDT 2012

Tony, we're so lucky to have you!  So many contributors coming online 
for Apr 6-10, more than we expected by far, how great can that be!  Make 
sure all others participating in this Doc Marathon are also subscribed 
to followup discussions on library at lists.laptop.org here:


Yesterday's planning chat transcript posted here -- please all read it 
and share your feedback:


In quick summary, recommendations we came up with, that others will clarify:

     1. Tool Chain - permitting almost anyone to write a relevant "Chapter"

         Rather than FLOSS Manuals, "chapters" will be hosted at 
http://wiki.sugarlabs.org and http://wiki.laptop.org using WISYWIG 
plugins (SJ&BernieI will each try to install today)
         Chapters MUST abide by Style Guide to be posted today, so 
screenshots/grammar flow (Seth & Christoph)
         SVG "screenshots" may permit faster internationalization 
(WalterB researching)
         TOC Draft to be posted to etherpad BEFORE we start 10AM EDT 
Friday (SethW, CarylB, ChristophD)

     2. Table of Contents - focusing on XO/Sugar's massive progress in 4 
years, with some bonus XS, Learning/Lesson Ideas - NOT a deployment 
guide, but something succinct+snappy, dare we say approachable+fun?!

         HW Section
         Core Sugar/Gnome ( greatest need to date, given Sugar's 
transformed since Aug 2008's http://laptop.org/manual )
         Core Sugar Activities
         Sugar Learning Activities

     3. Artifacts - We Will Deliver in HTML:

         http://laptop.org/manual ~= Help Activity ~= per-Activity 
"chapters" hip Sugar Activities might later incorporate (YES)
         WikiText/WikiMarkup "chapters" (YES, wherever we can, though 
writers will be free to compose on Google Docs, etherpad, Floss 
Manuals/Booki/Book Type, etc)
         Print Book? (NO, while universally desired, and may arise later 
for Jamaica etc, NOT this week's project!)

Schedule will be consolidating+evolving fast here in Boston the coming 
day as Seth Woodworth and all of us fine-tune -- thanks everyone for 
bookmarking & editing & checking our wiki home base right here often!


On 4/5/2012 2:54 AM, forster at ozonline.com.au wrote:
> Hi
> it was suggested in IRC that this list was the best place for asynchronous contribution to the sprint, so I have subscribed.
> my understanding from IRC was that the best format for the master document (from which secondary documents such as web sites, in Activity help, print book etc could be derived) is minimally formatted html with svg illustrations (svg because you can automatically separate the text and translate it)
> thanks all
> I look forward to contributing
> Tony

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