[IAEP] [release]: SocialCalc-6

Manusheel Gupta manu at laptop.org
Tue Sep 27 09:17:33 EDT 2011

Dear Community Members,

We are releasing the 6th version of SocialCalc on Sugar (
http://activities.sugarlabs.org/en-US/sugar/addon/4084 ) today. Nick
Doiron has fixed key bugs and completed a feature request from Plan Ceibal
project of Uruguay. Thanks Nick!

Main updates of the release -

* It's possible to save and open files with the symbol;
* Larger icons in the Edit menu;
* One interface for the scatter plot / plot points option;
* It's possible to include a mini-graph over the spreadsheet.

Please find the links on SocialCalc project below, and share your feedback

SocialCalc on Sugar page at Sugar Activities Catalogue -

Test URL - http://www.socialcalcnet.appspot.com/

Videos -

Training Video by Dan Bricklin -

Guide for using Charting tools by Harvard University's Digital Literacy
Project - http://vimeo.com/11886029

Feature Training Videos -

Localization of SocialCalc -* *

Interoperability between SocialCalc and other spreadsheet formats -* *

Video by OLPC France Community member - http://vimeo.com/5291250

Plan Ceibal OLPC Deployment Project, Uruguay -

Source Code - http://git.sugarlabs.org/socialcalc

Installation Instructions -


Douglas Galbi's notes -

Documents -

1. *SocialCalc on Sugar *-
    *SocialCalcNet Collaboration -

2. *SocialCalc on Sugar wiki page* -

3. *Download pages* - the version #6 can be downloaded from

4. *Guide for using Charting Tools* -

5. *Harvard University's Digital Literacy Project Deployment Page* -

Publications -

"SocialCalc: A Spreadsheet Activity for Computer Supported Collaborative
Learning", Manu Sheel Gupta, K.S. Preeti, Vijit Singh, Proceedings of the
2010 Conference on Frontiers in Education: Computer Science and Computer
Engineering, FECS 2010, Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A., CSREA Press 2010, ISBN
1-60132-143-0, pp. 304-309  URL -

"Implementation of Private Cloud Computing using Integration of JavaScript
and Python", K.S. Preeti, Vijit Singh, Manu Sheel Gupta, The Python Papers
Monograph, The PyCon Asia Pacific 2010, Singapore Management University
Download URL -

"Spreadsheet on Cloud - Framework for Learning and Health Management
System", K.S. Preeti, Vijit Singh, Sushant Bhatia, Ekansh Preet Singh, Manu
Sheel Gupta,  Proceedings of the EuSpRIG Conference "Spreadsheet Governance
- Policy and Practice"  ISBN : 978-0-9566256-9-4

SocialCalc project has also been covered in important sections of the
following conference papers -

"A March Towards Constructionism based on Storytelling, Gaming and
Collaboration", Manu Sheel Gupta, Vijit Singh, Manjot Pahwa, The Fifth
International Conference of Learning International Networks Consortium
(LINC) 2010, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge,
Massachusetts, U.S.A.

"Collaborating Towards Learning: Using Web 2.0 for Educational Idea
Development", Krittika Adhikary, Manu Sheel Gupta, Ekansh Preet Singh,
Swarandeep Singh, The Fifth International Conference of Learning
International Networks Consortium (LINC) 2010, Massachusetts Institute of
Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

Community work with FCC (Federal Communication Commission)


Douglas Galbi's notes -

Douglas Galbi is a Senior Commissioner at Federal Communication Commission


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